Tarikh : 27 Nov 2016 Ahad
Waktu : 8.00 pagi – 12.00 tgh
Tempat: SJK(C)   Johor Jaya
Kategori: 3 kategori   Bawah 8     Bawah 10     Bawah 12
Format: 5 Round Swiss, Time Control 15 minutes to finish
Tie Breaks : 1.   Solkoff     2. Sonneborn-Berger   3.   Progressive Scores
Yuran Pendaftaran: RM10
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18 Dec 2016 (7 Round Swiss)

36th FLOOR, Johor Bahru City Square

Time Control: 20 mins to finish



Entry Fee is RM50

Johoreans RM35


1st RM2000; 2nd RM1200; 3rd RM1000; 4th RM800; 5th RM600; 6th  RM400 7th to 16th RM200 each

Best 3 Johoreans     1st RM250; 2nd RM150; 3rd RM100

Best rating < 2000  1st RM200; 2nd RM150; 3rd RM100

Best rating < 1800  1st RM200; 2nd RM150; 3rd RM100

Best rating < 1600  1st RM200; 2nd RM150; 3rd RM100

Best rating < 1400  1st RM200; 2nd RM150; 3rd RM100

Best rating < 1200  1st RM200; 2nd RM150; 3rd RM100

Best unrated            1st RM200; 2nd RM150; 3rd RM100

Entry Fee Payment & Dateline is 12th December 2016. The Organizers reserve the right to accept late entries subject to a surcharge of 50% ,and to make changes to the prizes and schedule without prior notice.   Payments to be made to:



CONTACT PERSONS:               1  STEVEN CHEONG ( – Mobile: + 60 16 7202272

  1. DAT CHESS CENTRE, Abd Hamid Majid ( – Mobile: + 60 19 3158098

Players may register online here Online Registration or by emailing the completed entry form in the prospectus to .  Click here to download the prospectusDownload

List of Registered Players


3rd Johor International Chess Open 2016

3rd Johor International Chess Open 2016

Download Prospectus

Venue:  36th floor, Johor Bahru City Square Tower ,

Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor , Malaysia

12th December – 17th December 2016

Tournament Regulations

  • These are individual tournaments, open to all players.
  • There are two separate tournaments. The  Open category for all players and the second tournament which is the  Challenger category for players rated below 2000 (FIDE ratings) or 1850 (national ratings).
  • FIDE (International Chess Federation) rules and regulations apply. Results will be sent for FIDE rating calculations.
  • Both categories will be played using the Swiss System, with 9 rounds for both the Open and Challenger categories. For the pairings, a Swiss Manager program will be used.
  • The rounds shall be conducted according to the attached schedule.
  • Each player is accorded a time control of 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment per move.
  • Five minutes before each round starts, the Chief Arbiter shall make the relevant announcements. If any player is not present within an hour after the round is started, he shall lose by default.
  • FIDE regulations apply for mobile devices apply – a player is forbidden to have a mobile phone and /or other electronic means of communication in the playing venue.
  • Officials and players should be smartly attired at all times while in the playing hall.


Programme / Schedule

Day 1 (Monday, 12 December 2016)

1430   Final Registration

1500   Players’ Briefing

1530-1930 Round 1

Day 2 (Tuesday, 13 December 2016)

0900-1300 Round 2      1530-1930 Round 3

Day 3 (Wednesday, 14 December 2016)

0900-1300 Round 4      1530-1930 Round 5

Day 4 (Thursday, 15December 2016)

0900-1300 Round 6

Day 5 (Friday, 16 December 2016)

0900-1300 Round 7        1530-1930 Round 8

Day 6 (Saturday, 17 December 2016)

0900-1300 Round 9          1430 Closing Ceremony

Prizes RM

Prize Money Open Challenger
1st 8000 800
2nd 5000 600
3rd 3000 400
4th 2000 300
5th 1000 250
6th 800 200
7th 700 150
8th 650 100
9th 600 100
10th 550 100
11th  – 12th each 500 100
13th – 15th each 500
16th – 20th each 300
Best Lady* 300 100
Best Veteran (>60) * 300 100
Best JCA1 300 100
Best JCA2 250 100
Best JCA3 200 100
Best JCA4 200 100
Best JCA5 200 100
U12B/ U12G/

U10B/ U10G/

U8B/ U8G

  Age Group medals are for the Challenger only.

1st – 5th for each category.



Contact Person:

Mr Steven Tel: +60167202272   Mr Dinesh  Tel:+6014 6115256


Entry Fee (RM)

Open JCA Member 2015 Non-JCA Member
GM > FIDE 2400 FOC+Twin Sharing Room

+ RM500

IM > FIDE 2300 FOC + Twin Sharing Room
Above FIDE 2300 FOC FOC
FIDE 2200-2299 100 200
FIDE 2000-2199 200 300
FIDE 1800-1999 300 500
FIDE Below 1800 400 700


Challenger JCA Member 2016 Non JCA Member
FIDE rated 100 150
Unrated 150 200

20% discount for all early entries before 1st October 2016

Closing Date: 6 December 2016

Registration and payment after the closing date incurs the payment of double the entry fee stated above.

Online Registration:

CLICK HERE to register Online Registration

Registration to play is completed only after payment is made.

List of Players registered online

Payment (by 8 December 2015) :

  1. RHB Bank Current A/C No. 20101700207247 (Persatuan Catur Johor/ Johor Chess Association) SWIFT Code RHBBMYKL
  2. Maybank A/C No. 001271103730 (Cheong KL)SWIFT Code MBBEMYKL
  3. Singapore DBS A/C No. 019-5-041904 (Cheong KL)
  4. Paypal account –

The evidence of payment to be submitted to


Players are required to budget for their own board and lodgings, as well as transportation needs. However Hotel rooms at package rate can be arranged through us . You may send your queries to .

  1. Baguss City Hotel: Farah +60139353828 email:
  2. JB Central Hotel: Steven Cheong email:

Conditions (Provisions) for titled player (GM, IM):

Hotel rooms are provided on a twin-sharing basis for the first 10 GMs with rating above 2,400/ IMs with rating above 2,300 that register and show confirmed flight details.   In addition the first 3 GMs with confirmed participation will be given RM500 food allowance .

Category Prizes are given if there are at least 2 participants

The organizers reserve the right to change the rules and regulations without prior notice.













Johor Closed 2016

Johor Closed 2016

organised by Johor Chess Association
Date: 23.07.2016
Venue : Level 36 City Square Office Tower, Johor Bahru, Johor
Format: 6/7 round Swiss individual (with team prizes), 20 minutes per player
This is a closed event open only to Johor players (Players who have registered to JCA as Johor players )*
Tournament Director : Dean Dinesh 014-6115256
Prizes Special Prizes Team Prizes
Champion: RM 300 Best Lady: RM 80 Best team
2nd : RM200 Best Veteran >50 RM50 Best U16 team
3rd : RM120 Best U16 RM 50 Best U12 team
4th: RM100 Best U16 girl RM50  
5th : RM80 Best U12 RM 30  
6th : RM60 Best U12 girl RM30  
7th : RM50 Best U10 RM30  
8th: RM 50   Best U10 Girl RM30      
9th: RM40   Best U8 RM30      
10th: RM 40 Best U8 girl RM30  
More prizes shall be included depending on the number of participants        
Registration : 9.00 am
Round 1-3: 10.30am – 1.30 pm
break: 1.30pm – 2.30 pm
Round 4-7: 2.30pm – 6.30 pm
closing/prize giving : 6.45pm
1. Entry fee:   RM 20           U12 : RM10     Closing date: 20.7.2016   Late entry: RM30   U12: RM20
2. Bank in to Persatuan Catur Johor, RHB Bank , Current Account 20101700207247
3. Send payment slip by email to
4. Goto Johor Chess Association website
         to fill up the online registration form Johor Closed Registration Online      

List of Players registered online

5. Registration is completed only after payment is made.
6. During registration please indicate your team name, a team shall consists of 4 players
Terms and Conditions
1. Johor players are Malaysians born in Johor or working/studying in Johor, for the last 6 months
2. Special prizes are given only if there are at least 3 participants
3. Team prizes are given only if there are at least 2 teams participating
4. Team prizes are in the form of entry fees to the Astro Merdeka Rapid Open Team Chess Championship 2016
5. With the condition that the team is playing as Johor State Team /Johor Junior State team under JCA.
6. Minimum 3 players from the best team must play in the Astro Merdeka team tournament
7. In the event that the winning team cannot play in the merderka tournament , the prize shall be withdrawn.
8. Johor Chess Association reserves the right to make changes to the prize structure and schedule without giving prior notice. JCA’s decision is final.

Johor Amateur Chess Championship 2016


Date : 9 April 2016  Saturday

Time :  10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Venue : Level 36 Office Tower City Square, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru

Format: 7 Round Swiss, Time Control 20 minutes to finish

Tie Breaks :1.  Solkoff     2.  Sonneborn-Berger   3.  Progressive Scores

Entry Fees:  RM 30  ,RM20 for those who register online before 7/4/2016

Registration online at

Johor Amateurs 2016 online registration

List of Players registered online LIST OF PLAYERS REGISTERED


Payment: RHB Bank Current A/C No. 20101700207247 (Persatuan Catur Johor)After bankin , please send the image of  bankin slip to

Players who have registered online and made payment can  request  for certificates 2 days  before the tournament.

Contact :  Steven Cheong 0167202272

Conditions/qualification for participation:

Under 12 Category:  There is no restriction for under 12, all Under 12 players can play.

Open Category: Only amateurs can play.  Players with any latest FIDE rating or National rating 1600 and above, are not qualified to play. Players who had represented Malaysia in Sea Games (men or women) or in Chess Olympiad (men or women) are not qualified to playPlayers with FIDE International Titles like GM, IM, FM, CM, WGM, WIM, WFM, WCM or online titles AGM, AIM … and players who have local titles like NM & WNM are not qualified to play.

The prospectus may be downloaded hereInvalid download ID.

ChampionRM 200 + medalRM 200 + medal
1st runner upRM 100 + medalRM 100 + medal
3rd RM 100 + medalRM 100 + medal
4th$60RM 60 + medal
5th $60RM 60 + medal
6th $40RM 40 + medal
7th $40RM 40 + medal
8th Consolation PrizeConsolation Prize + medal
9thConsolation PrizeConsolation Prize + medal
10thConsolation PrizeConsolation Prize + medal
Best LadyConsolation PrizeOther special prizes shall receive prizes together with medals . Best Girl and Best U8 and U10
Best Veteran (>45)Consolation Prize
Best government servantConsolation Prize
Best private sector employeeConsolation Prize
Best Under 17Consolation Prize